The Ekphrasis Project blog shows paintings, scribbling and works in mixed media by Dutch artist Joost de Jonge.


“Orpheus Dreams of Eurydice/Meandering cognitions”
At the City Museum of rijeka opening performed by Former PM of The Netherlands Jan Peter Balkenende 22 November - 17 December 2023.

Tufenkian Gallery Los Angeles 2023 Curator: Peter Frank

Kamov Residency Program/City Museum of Rijeka/Croatia

Centraal Museum Utrecht/Utrecht Lokaal


Stedelijk Museum Vianen UT. 2011-2012, solo

Gala at 5* Grand Hotel Vienna/St. Georgs-Orden January 2020

Centre Culturel Du Manoir de Cologny Prof. Dr. Penny Florence visits

Santa Monica group show April 2007 Bill Lowe Gallery

Art Palm Beach, Mark Gallery, Florida 2013 USA

Miart 2007, Milano Galleria STudio Legale

Interior decorator's installation/ LA Bill Lowe Gallery

Atlanta, solo Grandsalon Bill Lowe Gallery 2009.

Curriculum Vitae Shows/assignments:  -a selection-


Tufenkian Fine Arts Glendale USA (solo) 
Rijeka City Museum, Croatia (solo) 
Eddie’s Art Utrecht The Netherlands


Kamov Residency Program Rijeka Croatia
Eddie’s Art Utrecht The Netherlands
PerschArt Gallery Rotterdam The Netherlands (Perridon & Schepman)


Work period Rijeka City Museum Croatia
Centraal Museum Utrecht The Netherlands
Eddie’s Art Utrecht The Netherlands
KunstRai Amsterdam The Netherlands
Art The Hague The Netherlands
PerschArt Gallery Rotterdam The Netherlands (Perridon & Schepman)


* Gala Evening presentation at the Grand Hotel in Vienna***** St. Georgs-Orden
*Showings at Eddie's Art Utrecht


*ViCA,Venice Institute of Contemporary Art:  "Collection Selections"curated by Juri Koll, Los Angeles, USA. (group show-Featuring renowned artists including Doug Edge, Gloriane Harris, Sulamit Elizondo, Stu Rapeport, Jodi Bonassi, Cosimo Cavallaro, Mb Boissonnault, Peter Alexander, Gay Summer Rick, Megan Frances, Pablo Llana, Bryan Ida, Ron Therrio, Saul Koll, George Koll, KuBO, Joost de Jonge, Dick Keltner, Catherine Ruane, George Herms, Bob Branaman, Lil’ Mikey Coleman, William “Billy” Turtle, Peggy Sivert, Mike Street, Nick Bradley, Mark “Funcrime” Munski, Courtney Heather, Edmund Teske, Josh "Bagel" Klassman, Oscar Spierenberg, and Michael Streitley.)
*Alexander Salazar Fine Art, San Diego, CA, USA.


*Orange County Center for Contemporary Art
"Music For Your Eyes" group/juror Peter Frank : Santa Ana, CA, USA.
*Alexander Salazar Fine Art, San Diego, CA, USA. (Solo)
*Lichtundfire-Priska Juschka/Arielle Mark-Liebermann, Manhattan NYC/NY/USA.
"Color High and Raw Emotions"


*Centre Culturel Du Manoir de Cologny (Geneva/Switzerland)
"Icarus/Invitation au Voyage" solo
*Stroomhuis Neerijnen, group exhibition, The Netherlands.
*Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
*CAMPBASELrevisited, Basel, Switzerland.
*City hall of my hometown Vianen UT, The Netherlands.
*Alexander Salazar Fine Art Gallery, San Diego
* Mark GalleryNYC/NJ/The Hamptons, USA.


*Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
*Alexander Salazar Fine Art Gallery, San Diego, USA.
*Mark Gallery, NYC/NJ/The Hamptons, USA.


*Art San Diego, Alexander Salazar Fine Art, SD, CA, USA.
*Bill Lowe Gallery Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
*Mark Gallery, NYC/NJ/The Hamptons, USA.
*Alexander Salazar Fine Art/San Diego, CA, USA.


*Art Athina (UFO), Athens, Greece.
*Bill Lowe Gallery Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
*Galleria Studio Legale E23 Napoli, Italy.
*Mark Gallery, The Hamptons, USA.
*Alexander Salazar Fine Art/San Diego, CA, USA.


*Art San Diego, Alexander Salazar Fine Art, San Diego, November, CA, USA. (group)
*Mark Gallery NJ/NY, ABSTRACTION - Group Show August-October, USA.
*Alexander Salazar Fine Art, San Diego July 2013, USA. (solo).
*Spazio E 23, Napoli, Galleria Studio Legale, April, Italy, (group).

*Galleria Studio Legale, "Oil On Canvas, large paintings: De Jonge Manzi Mendoza Modesti Pisanelli Saiu Salvino", Italy(group).
*Art Palm Beach, Mark Gallery, Florida, USA (group).


*Bill Lowe Gallery, January, Atlanta, USA (group).


*“Youth & Maturity”, 29th of October-15th-January 2012, Stedelijk Museum Vianen; Utrecht, The Netherlands (solo).
*"ACTION ABSTRACTION", September 15-November 3rd, Mark Gallery, Englewood,NJ,USA (group)
*“Color Vision”, 18 February -2nd of April, Mark Gallery, Englewood, New Jersey, USA (group).


*Espacio Atlántico, AM-gallery, art fair, Vigo, Spain, (group).


*”Joost de Jonge at the Grand Salon”, summer, Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta , GA, USA (solo) "Volute Fantasy", scnd. of May-5th of June, Galerie Fondation Vromans, IJlst, Fr./NL The Netherlands (solo).
*"Fases de Iluminación", 29th of january-24 of March, Ana Mercader Gallery, España (solo).
*Bill Lowe Gallery, March, Atlanta, USA (group).


*Affordable Art Fair, Autumn collection, London, 23-26 October, James Kinmont, UK (group).
*Art London, 2- 6 October, presented by James Kinmont Fine Art Ltd, UK (group).
*Open Art Fair, 9-14 September, Utrecht; Galerie Fondation Vromans (group)
*“SUMMER GROUP SHOW” Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
*"Building", Galerie/Fondation Vromans:  Friesland, The Netherlands (group).


*Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, James Kinmont Fine Art ltd, The Netherlands (group).
*Affordable Art Fair London, James Kinmont Fine Art ltd, UK (group).
*Art London. James Kinmont Fine Art ltd, UK (group).
*Galerie/Fondation Vromans, Friesland, The Netherlands (group).
*The Lowe Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, USA, (group).
*MiArt, Galleria Studio Legale, Milan, Italy, (group).
*Arte Fiera Bologna, Galleria Studio Legale, Bologna, Italy, (group).


*Arttissima 13, , Galleria Studio Legale, Turin, Italy, (group).
*Art Verona, Galleria Studio Legale, Verona, Italy, (group).
*Presentation with Dale Chihuly, "The Lowe Gallery" Atlanta, USA, (group).
*"The Same Origin"  at Gallery Krijger+Katwijk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, (group).
*MiArt,  Galleria Studio Legale, Milan Italy, (group).


*“20:15”, Galleria Studio Legale, Caserta, Italy (group).


*AfA Rosmalen, Willem Kerseboom Fine Art, The Netherlands, (Group).


*WTC, Gallery of Art Agency Rijbroeck, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



*WTC, Gallery of Art Agency Rijbroeck, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
*La Casa Elizalde"Art Solidari Contra la Sida",  Barcelona, Spain.
(Group exhibition with work by many of the most famous Spanish artists, like Antoni Tàpies)


*Galerie Reflex, (solo; Kunstveiling-website), Amsterdam


*Multiple shows, artscene Utrecht, The Netherlands.


Collections:  Works in important private, Communal, Museum & corporate collections, throughout Europe & The United States of America, a.o.: Weithorn LA, Avenue Beheer b.v. Rotterdam & Banca Civica Madrid, Centraal Museum Utrecht.

Media Publications/reviews:



La Voce


*Porter Gulch Review 2019 -Icarus series drawings pg. 156
*TalkingSoup "Degas/The Dancing Triangle
*Dr. Marietta Franke-blogpost
*ExpandedFieldJournal "The Poet" 


*Dr. Marietta Franke-blogpost
*Essays on Versopolis
*The Ekphrastic ReviewDavid Allen Sullivan's Octopus Muse after a work by me at
a preview of Painted Poetery & Painterly Poetics; an ekphrastic notion-volume 3 "Water on Water"


*Empty Mirror Norman Dubie & Joost de Jonge - A Third Scroll of Malachite
*ExpandedFieldJournal "Self-Portrait in a Digital Age"
*Empty Mirror: Icarus series (paintings) Daredevil (poem)
*Empty Mirror "Now" Joost de Jonge & John Fuller
*diggit magazine
*De Poëziekrant
*Essays on Versopolis


*Edgar Tijhuis (2016) Победить своего внутренного Кандинского (Your inner Kandinsky). Snob, 29 december, https://snob.ru/profile/30957/blog/118832
*"The Convergence: Painted Poetry & Painterly Poetics; an ekphrastic notion volume 2"
edited by Dinah Berland former sr. editor at Getty Publications LA.
*Versopolis: "How to Forge a Joost de Jonge" by Dr. Noah Charney
*Versopolis: Paintings for Poetry, by Dr. Edgar Tijhuis


*literature & society/painter in the classroom VU University Amsterdam
*Columbia Journal, interview with Raluca Albu: "Painted Poetry & Painterly Poetics"
*Website launch of ebook: "Painted Poetry & Painterly Poetics; an ekphrastic notion"
edited by Peter Frank & Dr. Emily Bilman; with some of the best writers & poets of The United States & Europe.


*"The Archeology Of Personhood Series; a romantic notion of an unbroken modernist tradition" ISSUU
(Interview Alex de Vries/essay dr.Hans Theys/essay dr. Robert C. Morgan & Peter Frank MA + nieuwe afbeeldingen DESIGN bY AUTOBAHN DESIGN)


*Huffington Post, Peter Clothier.
*Liz Goldner: contemporary-art-dialogue.com

*“The Secret Life of a Shell/The Recent Paintings”, with contributions by Robert Morgan, Peter Frank & Joost de Jonge. 1st & second edition of respectively 100 & 50 copies, luxury editions, signed by the artist. Publisher: respectively : Philip Elchers & The Authentic Art Agency


*“The Ekphrasis Project Book”, 256 pages, offset, with contributions by Dominique Nahas, Peter Frank, Robbie Dell’Aira & Joost de Jonge. edition of 1000 copies
*VHL Local newspaper


*“Neo-Modern Synthesis/Joost de Jonge” by Peter Frank, offset. edition of 1000 copies
Tableau: Open Art Top 15
*La voz de Almeria/Almeria


 *”The Quest Continues” Joost de Jonge artist’s book, offset. edition of 500 copies
*Leeuwarder Courant/omroep Friesland


*Tableau/BLVD/Elegance/Het Parool/NOBEL Magazine.
*Art Verona Catalogue / Galleria Studio Legale


Education:  -Work-period at The Fundacion Cultural Knecht-Drenth,Spain. March-April 2003   -School of the Arts Utrecht  period: February 1999 - December 2002  department: painting  graduation: 9 December 2002 BFA (With Honours)  -Foreign Exchange/Erasmus Project: Universitat de Barcelona;   Facultat del Bellas Artes  period: September 2000 - January 2001  tutors:H. Pijuan
 (University Study- Art History- UU)

photo credits: Koos Breukel 2017