The Ekphrasis Project blog shows paintings, scribbling and works in mixed media by Dutch artist Joost de Jonge.

woensdag 15 september 2010


The Ekphrasis Project is initiated by Joost de Jonge & consists out of his paintings and drawings and texts by a.o. Penguin Poet Robert Morgan, Peter Clothier, Peter Frank, Dominique Nahas, Robbie Dell'Aira and himself. All is greatly inspired by interactions with the aforementioned art historians, especially Peter Frank. Of course there are also several showings planned and there are many more in the making. Showings will be announced, for further information contact the artist via his website by clicking one of the scribbles.

The works concern the longing for the establishment of a pure "Kunstwollen" as described by Riegl and elaborated on by Worringer. Also here, in this light,  we find the purposeness of art as described by Hegel. It has been the artist's personal experience and still is very much so, that this "Kunstwollen" lives within him as a pure and autonomous artistic agent. It is the true autonomous force of live that directs his art practice.

Ekphrasis is here to be understood by it's most recent definition, meaning the transition of essentials of composition from one art to the other. Within the work of Dutch artist Joost de Jonge, transitions of musical and poetical concepts of compositition will be key.

A catalogue of 256 pages with more texts and poems by Joost de Jonge, Peter Frank & Robbie Dell'Aira, with 128 full colour images will be published by February 2011. For more information contact the Publisher Optima, The artist or one of his galleries.

Joost de Jonge-The Ekphrasis-acrylics and oils on canvas-51x71 inch.
"A theme in the formal, abstract art is not the form as it presents itself visually, but a pure abstract notion of a form,  which can thus be repeated in several forms; different variations, in which the sequence of forms is not to be interpreted  as a variation on each-other, from one form to the other, but as variations on an underlying concept,
a concept as an artistic form of feeling which rests within the artist."

Joost de Jonge  2010